Do you take deposits?
Do you need to sell tickets?

Whatever you need, Tabb has you covered. Give your customers the service they deserve.

Increase Drink Sales By 30%

When cocktail bars spend 4-6 minutes making each drink, a backlog is created when multiple orders are placed.

Knowing customer’s pre-orders and preparing them for their arrival shows immediate signs of customers purchasing one extra drink, without any hassle or disruptions to your businesses operations.

Eliminate Admin Downtime

All relevant staff members will receive an instant notification of a customer’s payment, along with the order details. Though simple, this saves an average of 5 hours of downtime per week per person.

No longer will you have to constantly check with your colleagues or go in and out of the bank account to see if a payment has been made.

Safe Payments. Fraud Resistent.

The hospitality industry is plagued with fraudulent payments. With our unique service, you can request identity documents and ensure that all payments are checked for fraudulent activity.

Give your customers flexibilty by allowing them to pay how they want. We support Apple Pay, Android Pay and Card Payments. Now that's good service.

Powerful Analytics

We understand that you need to know everything that's happening in your business. That's why we've developed our powerful analytics solution.

See a full breakdown of your bookings, find out who your customers are and discover your best selling drinks.

What's included for FREE

  • Integrates fully with your brand
  • Full access to the Tabb Dashboard
  • Unlimited bookings processed
  • Free drinks menu creation
  • 24/7 Support
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